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Added The Dragon Prince

Added Last Action Hero

Added The Ring

Added The Haunting

Added House on Haunted Hill

Added House of Wax

Added Alien

Added Tales From the Crypt

Added The Haunting of Bly Manor

Added Narcos

Added House of Cards

Added Criminal Minds

Added The Amazing Spider-Man

Added Second Hand Lions

Added Revenge of the Nerds

Added Project X

Added Peep Show

Added Westworld

Added True Blood

Added Star Trek: Discovery

Added Pretty Little Liars

Added Touched by an Angel

Added Clone High

Added Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Added Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace

Added Disenchantment

Added Bored to Death

Added High Maintenance

Added Workaholics

Added Mulan (2020)

Added We Are Who We Are

Added The Whitest Kids u Know

Added The Vicar of Dibley

Added The Vampire Diaries

Added The Great British Bake-off

Added The Blacklist

Added Dawson's Creek

Added True Grit

Added Tommy Boy

Added The Smartest Guys in the Room

Added The Road

Added Oceans

Added Idiocracy

Added Gangs of New York

Added Final Destination

Added Fat Albert (movie)

Added Coneheads

Added CHiPS

Added Blade Runner

Added Black Sheep

Added Billy Madison

Added Food Wars!

Added Star Trek: Enterprise

Added Star Trek: Picard

Added Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Added Yellow Submarine

Added The Sandlot

Added The Fast and the Furious

Added See No Evil Hear No Evil

Added Richie Rich

Added Ready or Not

Added New Jack City

Added Little Giants

Added Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Added Home Alone

Added Down to Earth

Added Dogma

Added Brewster's Millions

Added The Nutty Professor

Added the Madea series

Added Food Fight

Added Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Added Blade Runner 2049

Added WKRP In Cincinnati

Added Under the Dome

Added The OA

Added The Brokenwood Mysteries

Added Quantum Leap

Added Outsourced

Added Fringe

Added Forever

Added Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Added Pimp my Ride

Added The Good Place

Added Nathan For You

Added Grace and Frankie

Added Veep

Added Mirzapur

Added Justice League

Added Batman Beyond

Added Sharknado

Added Popstar: Never Stop Stopping

Added Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Added Ernest

Added Wishbone

Added Smallville

Added Letterkenny

Added The Sun is Also a Star

Added Last Christmas

Added 2001: A Space Odyssey

Added Grave of the Fireflies (Anime > Ghibli movies)

Added Birdemic 2: Resurrection

Added Top Gear

Added The Umbrella Academy

Added Sharp Objects

Added Search Party

Added Parks and Recreation

Added Northern Exposure

Added Motherland: Fort Salem

Added King of the Hill

Added Family Guy

Added Constantine

Added Blood and Water

Added World War Z

Added Wonder Woman

Added The Ringer

Added The Fog (1980)

Added School of Rock

Added Saw

Added Palm Springs

Added Overboard

Added Mission Impossible

Added Hamilton

Added Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

Added Ghost Busters

Added Call me by Your Name

Added Brother Bear

Added Bridge of Spies

Added Gladiator

Added High School Musical

Added Agent Cody Banks

Added 300

Added The 100 Season 7

Added Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons: The Movie

Added The King of Staten Island

Added Dark

Added Life Below Zero

Added A Rainy Day in New York

Added Euphoria

Added Serial Experiments Lain

Added Brooklynn nine-nine Season 7

Added New Tricks

Added Space: 1999

Added Midsomer Murders

Added The Expanse

Added The Simpsons

Added True Romance

Added Battlestar Galactica

Added Veronica Mars

Added iZombie

Added 13 Reasons Why

Added The Big Short

Added Margin Call

Added The Midnight Gospel

Added How It's Made

Added We Bare Bears

Added The Vietnam War

Added The Purge (the movies are under shows with the Netflix series)

Added The Beverly Hillbillies

Added Suburgatory

Added Son in Law

Added Person of Interest

Added In the Army Now

Added Ghost Hunters

Added Dirty Jobs

Added Black Mirror

Added Little Miss Sunshine

Added Jury Duty

Added In the Mood for Love

Added Encino Man

Added Bulletproof

Added Bringing Down The House

Added Biodome

Added Bad Education

Added Reading Rainbow

Added Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Added The Velocipastor

Added Iron Sky

Added My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Added NCIS

Added NCIS New Orleans

Added NCIS Los Angeles

Added Tour of Duty

Added Bewitched

Added The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Added Criminal Justice

Added RuPaul's Drag Race

Added Young Sheldon Season 3

Re-added Samurai Jack

Added Mythbusters

Added Community

Added The Way Back

Added Fargo

Added Godzilla (1954)

Added Solar Opposites

Re-added Young Sheldon

Re-added Young Justice

Re-added Wizards of Waverly Place

Re-added Wilfred

Re-added Vikings

Re-added Two and a Half Men

Re-added Titans

Re-added The Walking Dead

Re-added The Resident

Re-added The Office

Re-added The Legend of Korra

Re-added The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Re-added The Eric Andre Show

Re-added The Deuce

Re-added The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Re-added The Boondocks

Re-added The Big Bang Theory

Re-added The Amazing World of Gumball

Re-added Teen Wolf

Re-added Teen Titans

Re-added Superstore

Re-added Suits

Added Weathering With You

Re-added Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Now with season 7)

Re-added Star Wars: Rebels

Re-added Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Re-added Star Trek

Re-added Spongebob Season 11

Re-added South Park

Re-added Shameless

Re-added Sex Education

Re-added Seinfeld

Re-added Scrubs

Re-added Scooby Doo

Re-added Sanford and Son

Re-added Rugrats

Re-added Rocko's Modern Life

Re-added Rhythm + Flow

Re-added Maverick

Re-added Its always Sunny in Philadelphia

Re-added Hawaii Five-0

Re-added Steven Universe

Re-added Riverdale

Re-added Richard Hammond's Big!

Re-added Revenge

Re-added Regular Show

Added Prison Break

Re-added People Just do Nothing

Re-added Outlander

Re-added New Girl

Re-added My Name is Earl

Re-added My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Re-added Lucifer

Re-added Lie to Me

Re-added I Love Lucy

Re-added iCarly

Re-added Power

Re-added Phineas and Ferb

Re-added Orange is the New Black

Re-added Mr. Robot

Re-added Money Heist

Re-added Master of None

Re-added Mad Men

Re-added Lost in Space

Re-added How I Met Your Mother

Re-added House

Re-added Heroes

Re-added Triptank

Re-added Titans

Re-added The Morning Show

Re-added The Haunting of Hill House

Re-added The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Re-added The Crown

Re-added Spongebob

Re-added Review

Re-added Reno 911!

Re-added Police Squad

Re-added Peaky Blinders

Re-added Malcolm in the Middle

Re-added Invader Zim

Re-added Hey Dude

Re-added Hannibal

Re-added You

Re-added The Orville

Re-added The League of Gentlemen

Re-added The Boys

Re-added Silicon Valley

Re-added RWBY

Re-added Pose

Re-added On My Block

Re-added Jackass

Re-added Humans

Re-added Watchmen

Re-added The Witcher

Re-added The Mandalorian

Re-added Stranger Things

Re-added Sherlock

Re-added The Ren and Stimpy Show

Added Pie in the Sky

Re-added Insatiable

Added Death in Paradise

Re-added Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts (It's in movies now)

Re-added Ugly Americans

Re-added Tuca and Bertie

Re-added The End of the Fucking World

Re-added Spaceballs: The Animated Series

Re-added Schitt's Creek

Re-added Salute Your Shorts

Re-added Rick and Morty

Re-added Paradise PD

Re-added Over the Garden Wall

Re-added Monty Python's Flying Circus

Re-added Mama's Family

Re-added I Am Not Okay With This

Added The Last Dance

Added The Batman (2004)

Added The 100

Added Patrick Melrose

Added His Dark Materials

Added Elite

Added 10 Things I Hate About You, Casablanca, and Creed

Added Good Will Hunting, Inferno, and Just Mercy

Added Little Shop of Horrors, Lucy, and Red Sparrow

Added Sherlock Holmes, Sydney White, and The Godfather

Added The Invisible Man, and The Other Woman

Added The Theory of Everything, and Three Amigos